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April 2017

Coming Home!

It is currently 6 a.m. and I'm sitting in the London airport (trying not to freeze!).  We are halfway through our layover, and there are only 2 more plane rides until I come home!  It's so surreal.  I still can't... Continue Reading →

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Garbage City

You smell it before you see it.  Mokattam village - also known as garbage city.  There are 80,000 people whose lives revolve around garbage.  Everyday they go out and collect garbage from the 25 million people living in Cairo.  It... Continue Reading →


"Muzungu! Muzungu!" I can barely walk for two minutes in rural Rwanda without hearing some call out muzungu, which means white person. We are currently in an area that hardly has any white people and those who are here have... Continue Reading →

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Rwanda - a land of a thousand hills and a million smiles.  Except during our time there.  We arrived in Rwanda on April 11, and the commemoration for the genocide began April 7th.  The whole country was mourning.  We had... Continue Reading →

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Blink of an Eye

Every time I close my eyes, Mozambique is playing on the screen of my eyelids. Countless times a day, something reminds me of a memory that I'll always treasure.  My heart is overflowing so much that it is leaking through... Continue Reading →

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*Alarm rings*  'Today is my last day with everyone here...'  *Insert rock in stomach* The last two days have been the hardest days of my time here.  I've had to say goodbye to people who have impacted me greatly.  I've... Continue Reading →

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